One of my easy-peazy dinner meals is this simple salmon. We usually have it on Sunday night (yay for Fish Sunday!) and occasionally, I’ll substitute a steelhead trout instead of salmon.
Preparation is ridiculously easy!
Spray a foil-lined baking sheet with some olive oil and place your fillet(s). Be sure to check for spines and get rid of any scales that might have made it home.
Keep things simple by just adding some salt, pepper, and kelp powder (I often also add steak seasoning. Call me crazy, but red fish seems to lend itself to it!
I bake mine in a toaster oven under the “convection” setting for about 20 minutes. >^.^<
This is one of my tried-and-true favorites and if I have leftovers, the next day, I’ll make a salmon salad! Sometimes less is more… and with a good fish, I try not to overpower the natural flavors, but strive to enhance them!
Here, I have my Simple Salmon paired with Veggie Quinoa