One thing I love is trying new and exciting foods, whether something exotic or a new twist on an old favorite.

If you have never stopped by a food truck, you’re really missing out. Over the last year or so, food trucks have really gained popularity and with good reason! Just down the street from our house, here in lovely San Antonio, Texas, what looks like an old auto shop set up a place for food trucks to congregate. Now, Boardwalk on Bulverde is home to a regular slew of food tucks, fun events, and music.

Of those food trucks, I really would like to highlight Slice Brick Oven Pizza.

Last weekend, my husband and I stopped by Boardwalk on Bulverde late in the evening feeling hungry but not really knowing what we wanted. We figured that we’d find something we both enjoyed given the variety found in the number of trucks. When we were checking out the menu for Slice, Jessica, a lively and engaging truck owner, came out of her truck to talk to us about what her truck had to offer. She spoke with such passion about the sauce she makes that is very indicative of a fellow foodie that I just couldn’t pass it up!

She talked to us about how she makes her signature sauce for their “A La Vodka” pizza and how she caramelizes shallots and cooks down vodka over the shallots then adds them to her tomato cream sauce that she makes from scratch to go on this pizza. It is topped with sausage, OR if you choose the veggie route, she has a version of this pizza that has a myriad of colorful bell peppers as a topping instead of the sausage. She was so animated in describing the process that my husband and I couldn’t resist – and I’m glad for it!

I love that they added the basil leaf on there!

The pizzas aren’t overly large, but when I took that first bite, I knew they had me – hook, line, and sinker. There was a sweetness from the caramelized shallots that worked very well with (and balanced!) the slight spiciness from the sausage. It really was unlike any other pizza I’d had! I knew that wasn’t the last time I’d let myself have this treat.

Slice of the A La Vodka

This weekend, my husband and I decided to visit the food trucks again and once more, I was drawn to Slice. I approached Jessica and placed my order, then I asked her to describe the sauce again because I just loved hearing it the first time that I just had to listen to her again. We stood around a spoke for a few minutes and she introduced me to her husband, Mike, who was manning the oven. Let me tell you, both of these good folks really take pride in their work and I could see that glow reflected in the man’s face when I opened my pizza box to smell the delicious aroma.

I asked them about the “brick oven” that the truck so proudly proclaims it has and amazingly enough, I was invited into the truck to take a look for myself – YES, this truck DOES have a real brick oven in it! I couldn’t believe it! I HAD to snap a picture!

Mike then gave me a little history lesson on the origins of the Pizza Margherita and how it was named after a queen. It was a very entertaining tale, and trying to re-tell it would not do Mike justice, so when you go visit, see if you can get him to tell it to you too!

Value: J J J J
Execution: J J J J J
Quality: J J J J  – You can’t beat having a pizza with the sauce made from scratch!
Taste: J J J J J  – AMAZING. Give the A La Vodka a chance.
Ambiance: J J J – Since this is a food truck place and it gets kind of crowded with families (not my cup of tea), we usually get our food to go, hence the neutral score. 

Total score: 21 of 25 Js

Jessica and Mike work full time and operate their food truck as a side business. They purchased their truck from a couple in Oregon that was relocating to Hawaii back in March of 2013. Since then, they have made Boardwalk on Bulverde their home base. They are available for parties and private events! Like/follow them on Facebook and Twitter or drop them an email at!

Side note: I’m really looking forward to trying out a Butternut squash/Bacon pizza that Jessica and Mike are cooking up!!

Have you tried the pies at Slice Brick Oven Pizza? What did you think? Leave me your feedback or go to Urbanspoon (link below) and help out a local business!

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