This evening, we got home a little later from work than I would have liked, but at least today, I had an idea of what to make for dinner – a spaghetti squash that was sort of inspired by the Slice Brick Oven Pizza dinner we had this past weekend.

I raided the refrigerator and began by assembling my ingredients. First, I had to prep the squash and the tomatoes. In a pot, I added some water, salt, and the two hollowed halves of the spaghetti squash. The skin is very hard, so be careful when you’re cutting the ends off and then slicing it down the middle. I set the water to boil and keep an eye on the squash until the fibers/meat become soft – that didn’t happen with this squash, but I digress.

Next, I scored all the tomatoes I had and put them in another pot with water and salt and set them to boil.

While those two were going, I chopped up an onion and a bell pepper then melted some butter in a pan and began caramelizing the onions. Here’s where Slice’s pizza inspiration comes in… I wanted to get the onions nice and sweet for my sauce.

When the water of the tomatoes started to boil and the skins started to come off,