This video was shared by someone on my Facebook and after watching, I couldn’t wait to give it a shot!

The ingredients are simple: Bacon, Potato & Cheese

What’s not to love?!

So I watched the video below about a week and a half ago and filed it away in the back of my head. When Friday night rolled around, and our food stores were running low, I looked around the kitchen and saw that we had about three potatoes left in our potato basket and I suddenly remembered the video below from Food Country with Chef Michael Smith. Quickly, I started looking around the fridge for the other ingredients Рcheese and bacon Рand I admit, I did do a happy dance when I saw that I did have both.

Now, I didn’t have exactly the right ingredients, but my tart came out wonderfully in spite of it. I used a combination of mixed potatoes from the farmer’s market and a red potato. The cheese I had on hand was Havarti, and not cheddar. Also, I only had one package of bacon. Did this stop me? NO!

I went ahead and layered the bottom of a round cake pan (where’d THAT come from?) with bacon instead of ¬†doing the radial pattern described, layered in the potatoes and cheese, then did a layer of bacon on top and weighted the whole thing down with a metal lid. While my impromptu version wasn’t as pretty as the one in the video, it was tasty and it held up well enough. I didn’t get a picture because… well… it smelled too good and I got distracted.

That said, I’ll be making another this week, and I’ll update this post to show how it came out!

Have you given this a try? Let me know in the comments below! >^.^<