My foodie reviews are admittedly very subjective. I’m pretty picky about my food and have my own standards that don’t always correlate with your standard restaurant reviews. Here’s the breakdown:

Value: Am I getting my money’s worth? If it’s pricy, is the quality exceptional? Then it’s good value. Is the price modest and tastes like cardboard? Not a good value.
Execution: Did it look great on the menu and deliver on the plate? Or did it look better on the menu and severely disappoint when I tasted it? Sometimes the menu can be misleading – this metric measures how well the meal lived up to my expectations.
Quality: Freshness of ingredients – was my meal made from scratch? Were real ingredients used? Was my food froze/microwaved/over or under cooked?
Taste: This is pretty self explanatory… was it a tasty?
Ambiance: This one is probably the most subjective. I am newlywed but don’t plan on having children. I don’t like loud places or rowdy atmospheres. I usually stay away from most “family friendly” establishments so my “Ambiance” measure is mostly directed at childless young couples or singles.

Mad Hatter’s Tea House & Cafe

Slice Brick Oven Pizza (Food Truck)